Pricing based on outcomes, not outputs

Introducing fixed pricing based on outcome, not output


At Designial, we offer flat, transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprise change requests during your project.

Our pricing is unique because it’s based on the outcome, not output. Our flat fees reflect the difference we make to your business outcome, not on how many “outputs” we deliver (such as the number of screens or features in your app). Our unique pricing model also reflects how we work with you. We are your partner, not your vendor. This means we work with you to give your project a fixed scope, one that’s in-line with your business goals. Most B2B enterprise-grade mobile app development projects cost twice as much as the original budget. That’s because, with low hourly or low fixed pricing, businesses don’t know the cost of the project until it’s finished. But with Designial, your project comes in on budget—with no surprises. Our flat fees provide transparency so that you know how much your project costs before we start. We meet your business goals with fixed, transparent pricing. And finish your project as planned, on budget. Read more- 5 mistakes to avoid when hiring a UX design company

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UX design is a black box for most business owners. It can feel like buying a lottery ticket. Plan for UX design success by estimating a few key metrics. Don’t gamble with your business. Know how much it costs and what kind of ROI you can expect.

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Answers to Your Questions About Our Pricing Model


Transparent pricing. How?

Most UX design and product development projects run over budget by as much as 200%. The flat, upfront fee provides transparent pricing for the project. With hourly, you don’t know the cost of the project until it’s finished. By then it’s usually too late. Sometimes, the vendor leaves the project incomplete because additional funding was not available, or businesses don’t fund unfinished projects to cut the losses. We provide transparent pricing, so it’s clear how much your project will cost before the project begins. We meet your business goals at a fixed, upfront fee and finish your project as planned.

Does flat fee pricing prevent bait-and-switch?

Yes. Many of our competitors quote a low hourly rate to make their proposals attractive but then add more hours to make up for their lower hourly rates. We never do that. We quote you a fixed fee for a project with a fixed scope. What we quote is what you pay. Not a penny more.

What is the advantage of my firm in paying you a flat fee?

We deliver your UX design project on time and within budget. With fixed-fee pricing, we have no options for going over budget. Hourly projects are notorious for going over schedule and budget. When a vendor charges by the hour, they have no incentive to be efficient or cost-effective. But when we charge you a flat fee for projects with a fixed scope, we are motivated to be as efficient as possible.

You charge flat fees based on outcomes. What does that mean?

Many firms charge you based on output, such as the number of screens or features in an app. We don’t. Our pricing is based on making a real difference to your business outcome, not on how many hours we spent or how many outputs (like the number of screens) we created.

What about change requests?

Unlike our competitors, we do not bid low and then add hidden fees or introduce surprises as your project progresses. Their estimates account for change requests, resulting in project cost overruns.

How is your pricing different from competitors?

Unlike our competitors, our pricing is flat, not hourly. You pay one fixed fee for a project whose scope is set and agreed upon beforehand. Compare pricing from the competition with ours.

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