UX Research and User Experience

UX research is an organized study of users that provides critical insights into their behaviors, requirements, and expectations. It helps to answer three main questions: What customers need? What do customers want? And can they use the product? User experience research is on a much smaller scale. A study from Nielsen Norman group points to a sample size of five participants uncovering most usability issues.

The goals of user research are:

  • Evaluate customer behavioral needs
  • Define customer personas and customer journey
  • Test UX designs for usability
  • Find opportunities for growth by continuous user testing.

While we design for target customers in mind, business mobile apps need to consider business goals. Our blogs discuss challenges and opportunities for balancing customer needs and business needs. Apps cannot succeed for the business if customers don’t like them; however, customers’ likes and dislikes cannot decide business strategy.

There are several user experience research methods businesses can use to study customers. Each method has a purpose. How do you decide which one is right for a specific business problem?

Hypergrowth companies like Netflix and LinkedIn have institutionalized UX research and testing in their product development process. They find opportunities by constantly challenging the status-quo by testing the best possible user experience that also grows the product. How do you set up teams and processes to implement the growth strategy?

Our blogs discuss opportunities and challenges of leveraging UX research for mobile app design, development, and overall business strategy.  Talk to us about your growth challenges.