Mobile App Development & User Experience

Since the advent of the iPhone and later on other smartphones, mobile apps have come a long way. Over time the smartphones and their ecosystems created infinite revenues for smartphone companies like Apple and Google and developer communities and businesses who adopted them early. Startups like Instagram, Snapchat, Uber only exist because of mobile apps.

In fact, most valued startups have great user-friendly mobile apps. You will be hard-pressed to find a successful startup that doesn’t have a mobile app that works- no excuses with the best in class user experience.

Our blogs address challenges and opportunities for mobile app development with user experience as the driving force. We discuss basic topics like-  How do you choose between iOS and Android. Do you develop apps for the web, if you do, should it be responsive or progressive? If native or web don’t work for your business, do you develop hybrid mobile apps? What is the business case for each development strategy?

Some of the above topics were settled over the last decade of mobile app development. Future about advanced technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence). We all see and experience large companies such as apple, google, amazon all use AI technologies with their mobile app. AI technologies make the user experience even better by providing contextual information exactly as customers expect and precisely when they want to see it.

Large companies have established a higher benchmark for the user experience. Customers are so accustomed to that delightful experience they now expect all apps they use to provide a comparable user experience.  If your apps don’t meet their expectations, your customers won’t use your apps.

So how do you develop business mobile apps? Can we help?