Digital Transformation and User Experience

Digital transformation is essential because it is the future of many companies. The most successful companies have implemented a digital transformation strategy in their work environment. It is leading them to be the top performers among their competition.

An example of this is Netflix, which was once a small subscription-based DVD rental company. Netflix took on brick and mortar rival, Blockbuster, that had antiquated offline processes. Their goal was to improve the user experience compared to that of blockbuster offered. Blockbuster’s reluctance to listen to customer feedback and adopt digital platforms cost them the entire business. When they finally tried to revive it, with DVD rental service, it was already too late.

Netflix didn’t stop there, and they transitioned to streaming services to grow their business. That digital transformation led them to become the largest provider in streaming services. Blockbuster, on the other hand, did not take action on starting their digital innovation into the streaming service. Read more about our own digital transformation success story here.

The latest top Digital transformation trends include Artificial intelligence, Analytics, Shoppable posts, Augmented Reality, Personalization, and Voice Search. These digital trends are the new revolution of technology. Each digital trend will only get better as time goes. The internet was once slow but now has an impact on how the world runs. AI will help with the automation of the business process, and analytics will become more efficient and break down the question, Shoppable post will be the new way to sell through social media, AR.

As of right now, 34% of businesses are going into digital innovation. The number will increase rapidly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementing new digital trends into a business is a way a small business (SMB) can grow.

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