Digital Marketing and User Experience

Just because you build a fantastic B2B mobile app doesn’t mean you will attract buyers, retain customers, boost sales, increase revenue, and grow. To gain traction with your app, you need a UX strategy—you need a digital marketing strategy.

That’s why at least 75% of app-development budgets go towards marketing. Almost 90% of companies whose apps are profitable invest in sustained marketing efforts, from attracting, retaining to growing their customer base.

There are 2.9 billion internet users worldwide, and every person has a unique digital footprint. No two people genuinely behave the same. As a result, digital is all about personalization. Personalization is tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals, sometimes tied to groups or segments of individuals. Building a meaningful understanding of the different types of connected consumers is vital for implementing a successful digital marketing strategy.

Mapping all of the touchpoints and channels is imperative to understand a buyer’s journey fully. A key benefit to digital business is that consumers leave a range of footprints when researching, buying, and reviewing their purchases. It is essential to study customer behavior when mapping out the customer journey. Digital marketing strategists and planners should understand insights, keyword analysis, and market mix modeling. Digital footprints are valuable to address consumer barriers and to fuel programmatic buying.

Understand how you can leverage UX research to know your potential customers, create a marketing plan that serves targeted buyers at every product stage- launch stage, mature stage, and growth stage.

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